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Bali Refuse Incineration Plant:Home

  System Introduction
  1. This plant is equipped with a refuse bunker, of which effective volume capacity is 16,200 cubic meters.
  2. There are totally 14 groups of dumping gates installed; of which 11 groups are for the usage of general garbage dumping, and other 3 groups are for the disposal of bulky garbage such as large furniture, etc.
  3. This plant is equipped with 3 sets of incinerator, mechanical mixing burning type; each set is designed to handle refuse burning 450 tons per day, which amounts to 1,350 tons per day in total as 3 sets of incinerators are put into service. The facility contributes quite a significant effect of refuse reduction – after combustion the refuse is reduced to about 20% of its original weight, and to about 10% in volume.
  4. After incineration the remained ashes and slags become stable substances for further disposal. By this kind of rapid handling of refuse incineration in large amount, all harmful insects and bacteria are burned out and eliminated, fulfilling the basic environmental sanitary requirements.
  5. The heat energy generated by the process of refuse incineration is utilized for electric power generation.